“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

– friedrich nietzsche

Here are some playlists comprised of my music projects, both covers and originals. All vocals and instruments were recorded in GarageBand.


An eclectic list of my favorite tracks, either because I love the song or because they turned out the way I wanted them to. Start here.


Traditional (mostly) Andean songs played on a variety of instruments, largely oriented toward the charango and pan flute.


If I have musical roots, they’re probably here.

Beale Street

Songs done in Dixieland or New Orleans style, at least in part.


Just what the title implies, from a variety of influences and instruments. This list does not include the Andean instrumentals, collected elsewhere.


A set of mostly traditional lullabies recorded for my first grandchild. Some Andean tracks are included here because they make great lullabies.


Just that. Fun with feedback.

(Mostly) Acappella

Vocal arrangements, some without any instrumentation except for handclaps or simple percussion. Many employ a fretless bass, and at least one devolves into full instrumentation.

soundcloud Projects may be found on my SoundCloud site.


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