on the way home: banff ab

We’re in Banff, Alberta–perhaps the most beautiful setting for a town in North America. I don’t much like the town itself–faux-quaint, lots of Spandex and fur and shopping bags being toted around–but the Rockies are spectacular.

We got here the hard way–combat interstate driving from Valleyview to Calgary, made a bit more intense by missing the bypass and being forced to drive the local route through the middle of the city at rush hour. I use “drive” in the sense that we were in vehicles, on roads, and with engines running, but in actual practice we weren’t moving all that much. Not much fun in a 14′ UHaul behemoth. But we fought through it, and the entrance to the Rockies from Calgary is mind-bogglingly beautiful. We couldn’t conveniently stop for pictures, sadly enough.

Zach and Emily took the scenic route down the Icefields Parkway. They’re not here yet, which means they’re still enjoying themselves. I’ll add some pictures if they share any later this evening.

For now, here’s a quickie–the view from the hotel balcony where I’m writing this.


And another from the street.

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