on the way home: toad river bc

Schizophrenic weather today–everything from bright sun to drizzle to hail with a bit of lightning thrown in here and there, all occurring within minutes of each other. None of that seemed to affect the local fauna. The wildlife list grew by leaps and ┬ábounds to include black and grizzly bears (9 at last count), caribou, innumerable bison on and off the road, elk, and porcupines. The morning began with a bald eagle snooping around a small bay on Teslin Lake. just outside of Whitehorse. As if on cue, a dozen or so gulls shot up from every angle all converging on the eagle, who beat a hasty retreat. Nesting area, I presume.

This was a short day in comparison, leaving us enough time for a soak at Liard Hot Springs–a beautiful natural pool with a nice changing dock along one side. It’s reputedly terribly crowded in the summer, but we had it virtually to ourselves.

Tomorrow it’s on to Valley View. More later.

Bison on the road.image
Bison calves, looking not at all like their parents. image
Up close and personal. image
Liard Hot Springs pool. image
Muncho Lake, BC.

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